Founded in 1987 by Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Boston University, Vesalius College offers Bachelor’s programs in Business, Communication, International Affairs and International & European Law, taught in English by leading professors across the world.  Each faculty member provides a very personal approach to the student’s learning experience, including in-depth academic and professional mentoring.
Its American liberal art college approach with small and interactive classes (350 students), continuous assessment, and flexibility in course selection, highly international environments (over 60 nationalities), TPEL (Theory and Practice Embedded Learning), plus exciting internship opportunities prepare students to play an active role in the globalized world.
Students also benefit from additional overseas experience through the College’s Study Abroad Program, not only to study in Brussels but also to spend a semester or two in Asia, Oceania, North America or in other European countries.
Vesalius College also offers certificate programs such as “Executive Course in Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management”, “European Peace and Security Studies”, and organizes guest lectures on various topics that are open to the public.



Study Programs

  • BA in International Affairs
  • BA in Business Studies
  • BA in Communication Studies
  • BA in International & European Law

Key Dates and Requirements

Starting Date: 17 August, 2016


Holistic admissions approach: admission decisions take into account the student’s secondary school performance, examination results and English language competence, as well as demonstrated personal qualities and character. For students who have successfully completed the IBDP, we do not require an SAT or language test. For more details, please click here.

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[M] Admissions office:
Vanessa Goffard,
Elin Jonasdottir,




I come from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and it has always been a dream of mine to study in Europe. Somehow the idea of studying in Brussels was ‘movie-like’ for me and wow did Brussels deliver!

The city provides charming parks where I can get quiet time to study or relax. Brussels’ public transportations are like veins in human body: it is so accessible and student friendly! Cuisines are like art and art – such as the many museums, galleries, concerts and workshops become students’ favorite desserts. Students are passionate, respectful and curious; all very contagious. My professors tell experience, teach theories and involve practical examples. The subjects are exciting and the classroom ambience is always open and encouraging. Oh and traveling to neighboring countries is just a dream come true. I honestly can go on and on!

Astrid Helena Silalahi | Indonesia | Communications major

Why in Belgium?

As the Capital of Europe, Brussels is the ideal place for students with varying interests in major areas of study to enrich their academic experience and personal growth.

The city has an important international vocation as it is home to the European institutions, NATO, and numerous international organizations and multinational companies. Our students can benefit from this international setting in many ways, and our academic programs draw on this setting to deliver a strong European focus.
Brussels is the bilingual Capital of Belgium, with French and Dutch (Flemish) as official languages. It is a cosmopolitan city in which many different cultures live together and where different languages can be heard on each street. This liveliness and international flair is, of course, intimately related to its role as the crossroads of Europe.
Although the international business and political world form an important part of Brussels’ culture, the quaintness of its cobblestone streets and rich variety of beer, chocolate and lace give the city a warm and festive ambiance. Brussels and the surrounding communities offer numerous festivals, sports events, and a wide variety of expositions, concerts and museums. Brussels is also one of Europe’s greenest cities, boasting many gardens and parks which, due to the mild and somewhat rainy climate, display lush flora all year long. Visitors to Brussels won’t be able to leave without having sampled Belgium’s renowned fine gastronomy, ranging from prize-winning haute cuisine to the tastiest mussels and fries in the world.

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