European Universities Consortium


Bachelor Program Fields


 IE UniversityEHLJacobsVesaliusBocconiTilburgMODUL UniversityCarl Benz School
Architecture  Yes              
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology     Yes          
Business, Economics, Management, Finance Yes Yes  Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   
Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Sciences     Yes          
Communication, Social Sciences Yes   Yes Yes   Yes     
Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Intelligent Mobile Systems     Yes          
Industrial Engineering & Management     Yes          
International Politics, International Relations Yes   Yes Yes  Yes      
Law Yes      Yes Yes  Yes     
Mathematics     Yes          
Mechanical Engineering                Yes
Psychology Yes   Yes          
Tourism/Hospitality Management    Yes         Yes   

Contact Us

The European Universities Consortium has Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair of EUC is Alexander Bari, MODUL University, Austria. The Vice-chair of EUC is Ikerne Azpilicueta, École Hotelière de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Are you a fellow university or a representative from a school, and do you want to connect with EUC? Please use the form to contact Alexander Bari or Ikerne Azpilicueta. They will get in touch with you upon receiving your message.