Representatives from the European Universities Consortium travel around the world as a group in order to speak directly to students and counsellors. During our tours we visit high schools and conduct presentations and answer questions. Below you can find the typical layout of an EUC visit.

  • (20 minutes) Presentation about studying in Europe – This presentation discusses the benefits of a European education as well as the differences between studying in the US and Europe. During the presentation we also present each member university and the programs that they offer.
  • (10 minutes) Q&A session – After our presentation many students have sticky questions about application procedures, tuition fees, housing, etc. This time is dedicated to address these issues.
  • (20 minutes) Mini fair – During this part of the visit we allow each university rep to speak separately with interested students. This allows students to get more in-depth information about the programs and the application procedure.

We try to limit our visits to 50 minutes as this is the average length of a college visit. If need be it is possible to shorten the visit to 30 minutes and skip the mini fair.

EUC is also able to organize evening events that usually last 1 hour and a half. The evening events are more in-depth, and since parents often attend we also cover the issues that concern them (safety, housing, insurance, etc).

If you are interested in hosting EUC and introducing your students to study opportunities in Europe, please CLICK HERE and complete the contact form.