About us
The European Universities Consortium (EUC) is a group of 7 universities found throughout Europe. Member universities collaborate on recruitment initiatives, traveling around the world together to speak directly with students and educators about study opportunities in Europe. Universities in the consortium offer programs taught entirely in English, have high standings in international rankings, promote diversity in their student bodies, and are fully accredited. All EUC members are part of the main international recruitment associations, CIS (www.cois.org) and IACAC (www.internationalacac.org) where the consortium plays an important role in presentations and networking.
mission & vision
  • to introduce and inform students about study opportunities in Europe
  • to connect high school educators with European universities
  • to promote the internationalization of higher education
  • to stand for academic excellence and cultural diversity
The EUC was founded in 2011 from the idea of 6 universities (IE, Bocconi, Jacobs - now CO, Vesalius (now BSOG), EHL, Tilburg - no longer in the EUC) while attending CIS and IACAC conferences due to the fact that international admission conferences and CIS tours at that time were mainly run by US institutions and focused on pursuing higher education in the USA/UK. Furthermore, the counselors’ community was mainly represented by professionals from the USA or the UK, therefore studying in England or the United States has often been the only option given to their students. As such, one of the main objectives of our activities, is to promote opportunities to pursue English-taught Bachelor degrees in Europe or in countries outside of the United States and England. Having a representation of other EU countries allows the consortium to expand our network and to offer schools and students wider knowledge of the multiculturalism of Europe. Currently the consortium is represented by 7 European universities offering Bachelor, Master and PhD programs entirely taught in English, located in countries where the official language is other than English. Additionally, the EUC came together as an initiative to collaborate and support each other in recruitment activities and networking.
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