Study in Spain

Spain provides a unique cosmopolitan European experience, along with an exceptional and affordable quality of life. Spain is known not only as the sunniest country in Europe, but also for its cultural and historical richness, making it a great destination for international students. While quality education taught in English is among the main reasons why international students should study in Spain, you will be able to find plenty of other complementary factors that add up to the experience.

IE University has prepared a few reasons why you should choose Spain to complete your studies:

Quality education

Spain has a great opportunity to learn! Spain´s educational system is well organized and properly executed, designed to provide students of all levels with utmost learning opportunities and highly respected across the European continent. Spain is the third most popular country for international studies, among top choices for international students from the U.S., along with the UK, Italy, and France. Spain places a lot of importance on preparing students for real-life experiences, and its higher education system reflects this commitment.

Learn Spanish in an immersive environment:

While various higher-education institutions offer programs fully taught in English, living in Spain will allow you to develop your language skills through a unique cultural immersion. If you have not yet mastered the Spanish language, it is a great opportunity to delve into this language which will surely open up different career possibilities.


Spain equals one word – sunshine! Stunning blue skies, bright sun and magnificent natural light and great weather all year round, make it a great study abroad destination for international students. The Mediterranean coastline in Spain gets an average of 300 days of sunshine per year!

Earn new-found knowledge while being part of a multicultural environment:

You will find yourself indulging on everything new, with an outstanding and world-renowned gastronomic offer, and an architecture and natural landscapes that will grab your attention in an instant. You will get to speak to people who come from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, especially considering it is one of the most popular destinations to study abroad.


Spain offers a comparatively affordable cost of living, especially compared to European capitals. With numerous budget friendly cultural, outdoor, and lifestyle activities, making the most out of your life in Spain will be easy on the wallet, and travelling within Spain is certainly very affordable.