Why study in Europe?

Europe is a unique region of the world due to its cultural diversity and its shared economic market. From the birth of the European Union there has been a continued effort to further integrate member countries. This effort, along with the general trend of globalization, has created a strong focus on higher education taught in a common language – English. While at one point in time it would have been difficult for an international student to pursue a university degree in a country where they don’t speak the language, it is now entirely possible and becoming a common occurrence.

cultural diversity

Most educators will agree that learning is not limited to the walls of the classroom, but that experiences out in the “real world” are just as significant. University has always been an opportunity for students to expose themselves to different ideas and ways of thinking. One of the most efficient ways of doing so is by coming into contact with those who are different from different backgrounds and experiences from your own, and the close proximity of European borders makes this exceptionally easy.

practice a new language

While programs offered by EUC universities are taught entirely in English, living in a foreign country will still come with the opportunity to acquire a new language. Language courses are also commonplace on our campuses. You can practice the theory of a language in the classroom, then put it into action as you run errands around town and interact with the locals.