Study in Austria



Austria is a desirable location for international students because of its excellent education system and pleasant people. Austrian culture can be experienced to the fullest in Vienna, one of Europe's most stunning cities. Austria is a great option for anyone who desires to pursue higher education abroad because of its active student community, first-rate infrastructure, and supportive services. At the same time, the fees for the university come out lower compared to US or UK, for instance.


It's a good idea to seek information from locals who are familiar with the area before visiting and moreover studying in a foreign country. Modul University has prepared a few reasons why you should choose Austria to complete your studies:


Reason 1: You can study in Austria even without knowing German 

Modul University Vienna is a great example of that. Some of the universities offer programs in English, and it is easy to live in Vienna without knowledge of German. The locals start learning English in kindergarten and communicate well in it.


Reason 2: Live in the center of Europe

Vienna is a vibrant city in the heart of Europe with innumerable sights and stories to explore. The art, history, and culture in Vienna make this city a truly exciting place to live. On the weekends, a short train ride can take you out for an adventure in the Austrian Alps or to the neighboring cities of Prague, Budapest, or Bratislava! 


Reason 3: Work experience as a student

You are permitted to work legally in Austria for up to 20 hours per week if you have a student visa. This is a great way to gain experience in the working world, pay for most of your living expenses in Vienna, and even put some money aside for exploring Vienna and traveling around the area.


Reason 4A multicultural environment

Modul University welcomes students from all over the world, so you will always be able to interact with and learn from people with different perspectives. If you're missing home, Vienna is full of multicultural restaurants and supermarkets, so you are guaranteed to find a reminder of home while studying in Austria. 


Reason 5: Vienna is the most liveable city in the world

For the tenth year, Vienna is ranked number one as the most liveable city in the world. Beyond the multicultural environment and connectivity to other European cities, Vienna has so much to offer students. Public transportation is easy to use and the city is safe. Modul students enjoy meeting friends in the city center, riding bikes along the Danube, and visiting the local bars and restaurants.