The members of the European Universities Consortium are located throughout Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium.
If you want to learn more about each EUC institution, what study programs they offer, how to apply and other relevant information, check each institution below!
want to be part of the EUC?
Member universities of the EUC share a common set of characteristics that define our universities. Through these shared characteristics we are united and represent the goals and vision of the consortium. The EUC therefore expects to see the following attributes in universities interested in becoming future members: .
They are all located in Europe
They all offer programs taught entirely in English
They are all fully accredited
They have a significant international student population
They have dedicated career services
They offer student exchange programs
They offer summer school programs for high schoolers
They have holistic admissions approach
They are part of international organizations (e.g. CIS, IACAC)
They recruit students internationally