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Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

When you enter the world of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, you immediately feel the energy and enthusiasm, a sense of shared purpose. It is a place where everyone is different yet everyone feels at home.
Rooted in the Swiss sense of hospitality, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has, since 1893, been a pioneer in education that has inspired the world of hospitality.
While steeped in traditions, we are a young, dynamic institution with ultra-modern facilities and home to more than 2,300 talented and ambitious students from 90 countries.
With more than 120 employers recruiting on campus every semester and an on-site business incubator, we are proud to offer worldwide career opportunities and entrepreneurial support to our students and graduates.
Our active learning approach has allowed us to develop a unique international community of 25,000 alumni who share the same values, sense of professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit.



Study Programs

As the world’s first hotel school, we prepare the leaders of tomorrow in partnership with the Swiss and international hospitality industry. Our philosophy of learning, combining experience and discovery, leads to the mastery of the arts and sciences of hospitality management.

EHL is the only Swiss hospitality school recognized as an HES-SO institution (University of Applied Sciences). It is also accredited by the US accreditation: the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

  • Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management

    Duration: 4 years including 2 x 6 month-internships

    Credits: 180 ECTS

    AP (Preparatory year): Immersion in the world of hospitality and an operational internship

    Year 1: Development of fundamental management skills

    Year 2: Application and enhancement of knowledge and skills, followed by a management internship

    Year 3: Development of a strategic capability through integration of the skills, knowledge and experience

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Key Dates and Requirements

Starting Date: 01 September, 2016
Starting Date: 01 February, 2016


The Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne Bachelor Program is open to students who have successfully completed their final secondary school examinations, qualifying them for university admission.

Application requirements

High School Transcripts

  • English proficiency exam (TOFEL, IELTS, Cambridge Advanced)
  • Essay (Given topic are available on the website)
  • Additional documents showcasing your motivation for the industry (professional experience, extra-curricular activities, etc.)

We select passionate people and educate them to become responsible leaders in hospitality.


  • Caitlin Neary | Internship in London | Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

    Caitlin Neary, a student in year 3 of the Bachelor degree in hospitality, just finished her administrative internship as a Revenue Trainee at The Dorchester in London. She shares an insight into her experience.

    Why did you choose London as the destination for your internship?
    I was initially drawn to the fact that there are three Dorchester Collection properties in the UK, and that the Revenue Management for all three properties is handled in London. Also, to be in London during the Summer Olympics was a dream come true, as I was in Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics for my first internship.

    Were there any challenges you faced that you hadn’t imagined before the internship?
    I was asked by the Area Director of Human Resources for the Dorchester Collection to complete a Human Resource project about the use of agency workers at The Dorchester. While I was expecting to have a Revenue Management internship, I appreciated the opportunity to discover the Human Resources aspect of hospitality, even if I did not feel completely comfortable working in a different department. At the end of this project, it was an honour to be asked to share my presentation in front of the Executive Committee of The Dorchester. Although I found myself challenged outside of my comfort zone, the learning curve I experienced from this presentation was great. Should I ever receive the chance to present before an Executive Committee again, I will certainly take the elements learned during this internship presentation with me.

    What was the most important thing you learned?
    I learned that every hotel property is unique, and therefore, it is necessary to adjust management practices accordingly. For instance, the 70-room country hotel in Ascot is very different from The Dorchester, a 250-room iconic property in central London. I was constantly reminded that booking lead times and lengths of stay, for example, may vary greatly depending on the size, location and type of hotel and that therefore, each one needs to be managed accordingly. Linked to this, perhaps the most important skill I developed is to be flexible. Many times I would come in in the morning expecting my day to look a certain way, and by 15h the day had taken a very different turn. I believe this ever-changing environment was one of the reasons that I enjoyed my internship so much.

    More testimonials, including videos, for Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne can be found on the website of the university

    Caitlin Neary | Internship in London | Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

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