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Tilburg University

Tilburg University was founded in 1927 as a business school. Nowadays the university has four leading schools: Business, Law, Social Sciences and Humanities.
Tilburg University contributes to solving social issues. We achieve this mainly by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations. Therefore we have invited companies, organizations, government, and citizens to work together with us to develop new insights and solutions which create value for society. We create this innovation by conducting research, by learning, and by understanding. Understanding Society.


Study Programs

Tilburg University is a research based and specialized university, offering Bachelor's and Master's programs taught in Dutch and programs fully taught in English. Our English-taught Bachelor programs are:

  • Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
    In this program, you will study human-computer interaction. Gain knowledge in the area of cognition and communication and develop creative and innovative skills to design artificial intelligence solutions. This is a program in the field of communication sciences, and not a computer science program.
  • Data Science
    This multidisciplinary program teaches you how to incorporate data science in social and economics phenomena. This program is offered jointly with Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • Econometrics and Operations Research

    Using mathematical models and applying them to Business-related questions, such as pension fund contributions, traffic problems or even medical matters. Graduates end up working for insurance companies, pension funds, banks, etc. You are guaranteed to find a job after completing Econometrics and Operations Research!

  • Economics

    This program provides a solid foundation for students who have an aptitude for Economics. It covers the core topics found in economics (micro, macro, financial, statistics, etc). Economics is a unique program in the Netherlands, that was awarded a ‘top program’ label for the last three years in a row. Tilburg University holds excellent positions in international rankings in the field of Business and Economics.

  • Global Law (LLB)

    Global Law is a unique transnational program which teaches about the major legal systems in the world and prepares for an legal career in a setting where multiple legal systems come together. A unique approach to law which prepares for the legal careers of the future.

  • Global Management of Social Issues

    A broad, multidisciplinary social science program, which trains you to manage projects and people within projects that target complex, societal problems in an international context. The program combines insights from human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology. It prepares you for multidisciplinary positions in international companies and organizations and for subsequent Master studies in the Social Sciences and Management.

  • Human Resource Studies / People Management (official name t.b.a.)

    This multidisciplinary bachelor is focused on people, work and management related issues. You will deepen your knowledge in the fields of work & organization psychology and sociology and you will tackle people management related problems by applying an evidence-based management approach.

  • International Business Administration

    IBA covers the four basic topics Marketing, Management, Accounting and Finance. It is an excellent, broad foundation for students who want to pursue a career in an international business environment, or start their own business! Tilburg University holds excellent positions in international rankings in the field of Business and Economics.

  • International Sociology
    International Sociology focuses on the dynamics between man and society. You study social themes such as migration, poverty and inequality, and cultural differences, while connecting these themes to politics and policy.
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

    A small-scale program which offers you a unique opportunity to attain a specialized qualification in one of four Majors, combined with a broad and interdisciplinary education in the liberal arts. We offer the following Majors: Business, Law in Europe, Humanities (History in Europe) or Social Sciences. A unique way to start broad and specialize as well.

  • Online Culture: Art, Media and Society

    Online Culture: Art, Media and Society is a unique program in the Netherlands. In this small-scale program you will study the ever-changing role of art, culture, and online media in society. You will observe these current developments in the broad perspective of the Netherlands and the world around us. The program is called 'Online Culture' because so much of our lives today takes place online. You can specialize with tracks such as 'Global Communication' or 'Digital Media'.

  • Psychology
    Study human behavior and its influencing factors, and specialize in one of the nine areas of your choice in psychology. Design your own study program by combining a major and a minor that fit your academic interest and career aspirations.
  • Public Governance
    Learn to combine the disciplines of economics, law and public administration in understanding the public governance challenges our society is facing today.
  • Theology

    Within the bachelor theology, you will learn to think thoroughly about people, society and the christian faith. You will study subjects such as Church History, Patristics, Pastoral Theology, Philosophy, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

Key Dates and Requirements

Starting Date: 28 August, 2018


You are eligible to apply for Tilburg University, if you hold a high school diploma which is equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma. Examples of diplomas which are accepted are the IB, EB, Abitur, Swiss Maturité, etc. You can find out whether your non-Dutch diploma meets our requirements on our admissions page.
In addition, we ask for a motivation letter, and in some cases there is an interview. For Global Law, there is a grade requirement: you need to have a 7/10 average, or an equivalent in your country.
For courses in the field of Economics, Management and Data Science, we have extra Mathematics requirements



January 15:
International Business Administration

May 1:
All other programs.


  • Nina Bartmann | Germany | Economics student

    Tilburg University has a small and cozy campus. The green area surrounding the campus, the study facilities as well as the many small coffee places on the campus offer great opportunities to hang out with friends while having a break from studying. I'm German myself and I always wanted to stay within Europe for my studies. To be able to live in a completely different environment but still close to home is perfect for me. The fact that the Economics program is consistently ranked number one in the Netherlands didn't hurt either. 

    At the school of Economics and Management in Tilburg, they employ Research-based learning. It is a way of studying where you learn to conduct scientific research, but always with a link to the real world. In the economics program, we read scientific articles, but were also able to replicate a research paper from a renowned journal with real-world data. In that project, we applied all the mathematical tools and techniques we had learned during the course. I really enjoy putting theoretical knowledge into practice like that. 

    Nina Bartmann | Germany | Economics student

Why in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands are an open-minded, liberal, and friendly country. The quality of education in the Netherlands is excellent and there are more than 1500 programs on offer in English. 

Helpful links

  • Nuffic is a Dutch organization which stimulates internationalization in higher education and research. Navigate there to find information about higher education in the Netherlands, the educational system, recognition of foreign diplomas, information about visa, etc. 
  • Navigate to to find information about studying in the Netherlands. DUO is the front-office of the ministry of education, and they arrange things such as tuition fee loans for EU students.
  • Apply in two places: to the university and in studielink
  • will help you find scholarships and grants (mainly Master)
  • Go to to plan your journey by public transport in the Netherlands

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