European Universities Consortium

Who are we?

Who are we?

In recent years, a growing number of universities in Europe have started offering Bachelor programmes taught entirely in English. In 2011, some of the most prestigious international universities in Europe joined forces to create the European University Consortium (EUC), with the aim of promoting English-language higher education in Europe. All  EUC members are recognised by local and foreign ministries of education for offering Bachelor programmes taught in English as well as dedicated services to international students on their campuses.

What are the goals and objectives of the EUC?

  • To offer guidance to students interested in studying in Europe
  • To provide the high school community with advice, helping to clarify opportunities and regulations when it comes to undergraduate education in Europe
  • To promote excellence in English-language higher education in Europe.

What do EUC member institutions have in common?

  • 3- or 4-year Bachelor and 1- or 2-year Master programmes showcased by EUC members are taught entirely in English
  • All EUC institutions have a clear focus, various dedicated services, and special support for international students
  • EUC institutions offer programs that are typically smaller in size than those of the larger universities found in Europe and their faculty is usually more approachable
  • All EUC institutions are accredited by the leading regulatory organizations of the respective European countries
  • EUC institutions base their course credits on the new European standard: European Credit Transfer System (ECTS);
  • The admissions processes at EUC institutions are student-oriented and holistic, involving the evaluation of student essays and teacher recommendations that go beyond determination of solely the final leaving grades.
  • All EUC institutions have a not-for-profit or non-profit legal status

Contact Us

The European Universities Consortium has Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair of EUC is Veronica Sullo, Bocconi University, Italy. The Vice-chair of EUC is Ikerne Azpilicueta, École Hotelière de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Are you a fellow university or a representative from a school, and do you want to connect with EUC? Please use the form to contact Veronica Sullo or Ikerne Azpilicueta. They will get in touch with you upon receiving your message.