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  • Who are we?

    Who are we?

    In recent years, a growing number of universities in Europe have started offering Bachelor programmes taught entirely in English. In 2011, some...

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  • Why study in Europe?

    Why study in Europe?

    Europe is a great place to experience student life and to help you get ahead in your career. Some main reasons to consider a European university...

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University Profiles

The European University Consortium (EUC) was established by a group of European Universities who recognized they had something in common. All of these universities teach in English and have an international student body. In addition, they hold top positions in international rankings. By coming together as a group, these universities are easier to recognize, can learn from each other, and collaborate together in recruitment efforts. Together we strive to find the best spot for each student. By collaborating we can present you with the best Europe has to offer. Learn more...

Top Quality

Our institutions belong to the top in the world, which is supported by our appearance in renowned international rankings. Among the EUC members are some of the best business schools in Europe, the oldest school for hospitality in the world and an excellent German university for mechanical engineering. While each university brings unique qualities to the table, what they have in common is that they are all evaluated well internationally. In addition, all these universities are accredited by the official accreditation body in their home country: a prime indicator of quality.

English-taught Bachelor's Programs

All of our institutions teach partially or completely in English. This means that we attract international students as well as local students. Our universities recognize the needs an international student has, and we have services especially dedicated to them. To ensure equal evaluation of domestic and international students, we employ a holistic admissions approach.

Thousands of International Students

All of EUC’s universities have an international profile. In our English-taught programs, a large portion of the student body is made up of international students: On average 50% of the student body comes from abroad. This creates a stimulating and vibrant environment, where students are immersed in cultural diversity and where they can learn from each other.

The best European destinations

You will find EUC institutions scattered across Western Europe: in Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. And once you live in Europe, the rest of the continent is within easy reach: you can discover the history and diverse culture right from your doorstep.

Bachelor Program Fields

Our universities offer programs in a wide range of disciplines and fields. There are several business schools represented within the EUC, as well as two hospitality schools. You can also go for the natural sciences in Germany, or specialize as a mechanical engineer. At the heart of Brussels you’ll find programs related to political sciences and several other fields. There’s something for everyone. Find out more about each specific institution, or find a handy chart which lists them all. Learn more...

Meet us!

We regularly visit schools and take part in education fairs all around the world. We could be in your area in the coming year - an opportunity for you to meet admissions staff from various EUC member universities.

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Contact Us

The European Universities Consortium has Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair of EUC is Veronica Sullo, Bocconi University, Italy. The Vice-chair of EUC is Ikerne Azpilicueta, École Hotelière de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Are you a fellow university or a representative from a school, and do you want to connect with EUC? Please use the form to contact Veronica Sullo or Ikerne Azpilicueta. They will get in touch with you upon receiving your message.